This app will get you fit, strong and BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!

The Zen Kung Fu app teaches you kung fu, yoga, meditation and about healthy nutrition. It provides great daily workout routines, nutrional plans, self-defence techniques, and a community for men and women of all ages, all from the comfort of your home. These proven methods, applied and demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, target all aspects of your wellbeing. Spending just minutes a day can improve the quality of your daily life. The simple interface, including videos and timer, allow you to easily follow along and understand each exercise or technique. Simply select your workout routine and follow along!


Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Self-Defence

They all contribute to a strong and fit body, which directly affects the wellbeing of your mind! If you feel low in energy and lack of motivation at the moment you NEED to start moving! Take action right now and start our free kung fu workouts and training with the Official Zen Kung Fu App!

yoga & mobility

Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Mobility, Stretching, Recovery

Yoga has had a mayor effect on my personal wellbeing by combining a Zen state of mind with movement and breathing. This will translate into your daily life and have you calm and relaxed in stressfull situations or whenever you need to express yourself. Take action right now and start our free yoga workouts and training with the Official Zen Kung Fu App!

MEDITATION & visualisation

Meditation, Visualisation, Breathing Exercises, Mindset, Focus

Meditation will give you the abilaty to stay clear and focussed on your path. This path will be visible when you see the places you want to be, or experiences you want to have. If you take just 10 minutes a day meditating, you will experience the power of meditation! Take action right now and watch our free meditation videos with the Official Zen Kung Fu App!

nutrition & shop

Nutrition, Plant-Based, Alkaline, Detoxing, Mineralisation

We are what we eat! In this app you can get nutrion programms, recipes, videos, and shop to get yourself the best nutrition for your body. If you are not eating well your body will show, or let you know! Take action right now and download our nutrition programs with the Official Zen Kung Fu App!